We Are Custom Butchers

We offer premium quality meat and products to the food service industry.  We also provide a wide range of superior specialty foods.

We Respond to the Demands of Your Menu

For over 35 years, we have worked with our customers to provide them with quality products at a fair price with exceptional service.

We help you create menu items that make your menu uniquely yours.

It started with our founders, Rocco and his wife Antonietta Cicchino, in a small butcher shop that catered to the local community. They delivered choice cuts of fresh meats to neighbourhood families. One of their customers worked in a hotel kitchen.

Pleased with the quality products and prompt, reliable service delivered by Rocco and Antonietta, the customer asked Rocco if he could do the same for the hotel.

And we’ve responded to the needs of our customers ever since.

Today, Rexdale Food Specialties Ltd. continues to be a family-run business. But many of our customers are among the largest, highest-profile operations in the food service industry.

We are flexible enough to create individual, ready-to-cook menu items for your kitchens, and large enough to deliver the quantities you need.

The small shop is gone too, replaced with a modern, HACCP-Approved manufacturing and distribution food plant that assures our customers of a dependable source of safe, reliable food products.

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